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04 August 2020
03 July 2020
Notice for Provision for the Exercise of Public Rights
12 June 2020
COVID-19 Virus Bulletin
29 April 2020

Legislation is now in place allowing Local Authorities to hold Council Meetings remotely over video link.

At its meeting held on 28th April 2020, Council agreed that :

All meetings of Grendon Underwood Parish Council will be held remotely until further notice.

The legislation also removes the requirement to hold Annual Meetings in 2020. It was agreed on 28th April 2020, therefore 

The 2020 Annual Parish Council Meeting, usually held in May, will be held remotely as a General Parish Council Meeting.

The 2020 Annual Parish Meeting, usually held in May, will not be convened by the Council as it feels the current restrictions would not allow the business, relevant to such meetings, to be conducted adequately.

The situation, both locally & Nationally, is under continuous review and Council urges residents to keep up to date through authorised channels such as this web site and the Buckinghamshire Council web site.

02 April 2020

Can we help you?

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01 April 2020

Cllr Martin Tett, Leader of Buckinghamshire Council is currently hosting video sessions talking to residents about what is going on locally to protect, inform and support our communities. There will be a guest each day to talk about specific areas like working with the health services, public health and businesses.

Watch the video updates on how we are fighting coronavirus in Buckinghamshire, what you can do to stay safe and how you can get involved in helping others here.,70EP,1DX5LX,QVYM,1

01 April 2020

The Parish Council has purchased two defibrillators for the use of our Parishioners in the event of an emergency situation when someone is having a Cardiac Arrest.


The Parish Council has purchased two defibrillators for the use of our Parishioners in the event of an emergency situation when someone is having a Cardiac Arrest.

The Defibrillators are situated at;

No. 40 on the Springhill Estate.

Outside the school on Main Street in the village.

If you suspect someone is having a heart attack or a cardiac arrest, CALL 999.

Then, to access the machine while you’re waiting for a responder, go to one of the locations above and call 999 (again). Tell the operator your location and that you have access to a defibrillator. Tell the operator the location of the machine which is indicated on the front of the box. The operator will then give a code to open the box. Remove the defibrillator and take it back to the patient.

The machine is designed in such a way that people operating it do not need any training in its use. You simply need to follow all the verbal instructions given by the machine. By using this machine, you cannot put the patient in any danger or compound their symptoms or illness. It is simply an aid to administer emergency aid if required.

When you open the machine, it will automatically start to talk you through a series of step by step verbal instructions which you should follow. The machine will check the status of the patient and will not let you do anything dangerous. If required, the machine, after giving a warning, will administer a shock to the patient. If the patient does not require a shock, the machine will advise this and will not administer one.

This machine is intended as an aid and not a replacement for professional medical intervention so the emergency services must be called in the first instance. The operator will also be able to give help, advice and updates on the arrival of the ambulance and it is important that the patient is not left unattended as they must be comforted and given reassurance.

If you are not confident or just feel you want some re-assurance you are doing the right thing or would like some further information or are willing to give feedback after using one, Council has arranged for two volunteers to be “on call”. They can be contacted on;

Please call; Cllr Andy Benfield on 0781 367 3858 or

Cllr Kim Moloney on 0778 993 8307

These machines are meant to provide life saving assistance to our Parish, so please look after them and if you see anything which may cause concern, please call a volunteer at once. Thanks.

Grendon Underwood Parish Council

Neighbourhood Police Team
01 February 2019

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