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Village Hall

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The Village Hall is a stand alone charity run by Trustees and other volunteers.

It is home to numerous clubs, groups and organisations holding many events throughout the year. including --

Grendon Rangers Soccer Club -

1st Grendon Scouts -

and is a regular venue of Quaintwood Players, Bernwode WI coffee shop, the Parish Council meetings, Bonfire Night, Christmas & New Year village events.

The Swan Public House


Re-opened in 2019 after extensive refurbishment & serving local ales and good food.

Community Police Team


Grendon Underwood comes under the Waddesdon neighbourhood policing team who work with several local communities to make Aylesbury Vale safer

Meet the team here and contact them by calling

101 or email them on


You can also report an incident on their website:


In an emergency always call 999

Visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TVPAylesburyVale


Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service

The SAYE & SELE Foundation

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The Saye and Sele Foundation is a registered charity whose purpose is to provide financial assistance to residents, under the age of 25, of the Parishes of Grendon Underwood and Quainton in connection with educational studies, vocational training and for activities that increase life skills and experiences.

Apply through the Clerk to the Trustees, Tim Friedlander, Parrott and Coales, 14 Bourbon Street, Aylesbury, Bucks HP20 2RS.

History - .In 1665 John Hart, by his will proved in the P.C.C., devised (inter alia) an annuity of £3 for apprenticing a poor boy, issuing out of Easington Manor, Oxfordshire. The rent-charge (less land tax) is accumulated and applied in apprenticing as occasion requires.

For the charities of Dame Anne Pigott, founded in 1672, and of Thomas Pigott, founded by deed poll 1704, for the education and apprenticing respectively of poor children of Grendon and Quainton, see under the parish of Quainton.

The charity of Christobella, Viscountess Saye and Sele was founded by will, dated 8 December 1787, and is possessed of the recreational field at Grendon Underwood and community buildings at Quainton. It was then endowed with a sum of £14,041 14s. 7d. consols, transferred out of the Court of Chancery to the official trustees, producing £351 0s. 8d. yearly. The official trustees also hold a sum of £247 7s. 3d. consols on an investment account towards replacement of a sum of £500 by instalments of £12 10s. yearly. By a scheme of the Charity Commissioners of 17 August 1900 two-thirds of the net income is made applicable for the advancement in life of poor boys of Grendon and Quainton and one-third in the advancement of the education of children in the same parishes. The educational branch is regulated by a scheme of the Board of Education of 23 December 1908.

Greatmoor Energy from Waste Plant


The Greatmoor plant converts some 345,000 tonnes of non-recyclable municipal and industrial solid waste into 25 Megawatts [enough to power 40,000 homes across Buckinghamshire] of electricity per annum for industrial processing and for district heating systems – an ecologically sound, cost-effective means of energy recovery. The energy plant works by burning waste at high temperatures, whilst minimising pollution, and using the heat to make steam to turn the turbines.

In April 2013Buckinghamshire County Council signed a contract with FCC Environment to build and operate an Energy from Waste (EfW) plant at Greatmoor, near Calvert in the north of Buckinghamshire and the facility opened in June 2016.

COVID19 status - At the outset of the COVID-19 crisis, workers at Greatmoor Energy from Waste Plant along with others like it were given Key Worker status as the Government recognised the vital role the waste sector needed to play in keeping waste and recycling collections and waste processing going. As such, the plant has remained open, operating normally and continuing to power 40,000 homes across Buckinghamshire and ensuring that residential waste does not end up in landfill.

Buckinghamshire Council

Report it direct - bin collections- obstructed Public Rights of Way - pavements - street lights - pot holes & other Highways matters


Church of St Leonard

Grendon Prisons

Grendon Underwood has two prisons, one within the other. The estate is remotely located one mile away from the church and main village. 

HMP Grendon, opened in 1962 as an experimental prison for inmates with psychiatric anti-social personality disorders, is a B-Category prison and is the UK's only therapeutic community for the treatment of serious offenders. The facility holds approx 238 cat B male prisoners (April 2012).

HMP Spring Hill is a D-Category open prison with an operational capacity of 335(April 2013) Indeterminate Sentenced Prisoners (ISP's).

1st Grendon & Edgcott Scout Group

1st Grendon & Edgcott Scout Group is a voluntary organisation whose purpose is to encourage the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development of young people so that they take a constructive place in society as responsible citizens, and as members of their local, national and international communities. The method of achieving this Aim lies in providing an enjoyable and attractive balanced programme of activities, based on the Scout Promise and Law and guided by adult leadership. Membership of Beaver Scout Colonies, Cub Scout Packs and Scout Troops is equally open to all people of all genders with the minimum age limit for membership being 5¾ years. We provide Scouting up to the age of 14 years. The Scout Group meets at Grendon Underwood Village Hall on a Tuesday night with its three sections, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts meeting between 5 and 9pm. We also have a partnership with the Discovery Explorer Scout Unit who cater for the 14 to 18 year age group, but are managed by the Buckingham, Winslow and District Scout Council.

Contact: Alan Roberts, Group Scout Leader


History:- The Scout Group reopened in September 1974 having previously been in existence in the community up until 1971.

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South Central Ambulance Service

National Health Service

On Screen Reader