UPDATE - dateline 20 August 2020. the unauthorised encampment has been moved on as of 18.00 19th August 2020 - within a day due to the immediate response of the Council. thanks to all parties for their exemplary, timely action.

An unauthorised encampment has been set up on the land behind the Village Hall. Council has taken the following action-

From early this morning (19th August), some 8 -10 vans arrived overnight on the 18th/19th August 2020 the final size of the encampment will depend on any further arrivals.

Formal confirmation has been obtained from the Saye & Sele Foundation that it is the legally entitled owner of the land and they have not given permission for any such occupation.

Our local Buckinghamshire Council representatives are all notified and have responded quickly as are the Police, in case they are required.

A quorum of the Council held an emergency meeting on site on 19th August 2020 and, for expediency, resolved by emergency protocol to underwrite the cost of legal eviction action on behalf of the landowner.

Further to confirmation of this, the Gypsy & Traveller Services Office of Buckinghamshire Council has initiated their normal eviction policy.

Legally empowered Enforcement Agents have commenced the eviction process and will update progress and time line in due course.

Further bulletins to follow as matters unfold.

Grendon Underwood Parish Council NOTICE – UNAUTHORISED ENCAMPMENT 19.08.20

Notice Date: 20/08/2020