The Parish Councils of Grendon Underwood, Edgcott & Steeple Claydon held 3 open public drop in sessions to provide information and guidance on how to object and provide objection grounds that the Planning Committee of the Local Planning Authority [Buckinghamshire County Council].

On 4th August the Prison Working Group hosted an open public exhibition of ways to object in the Grendon Underwood Village Hall: a far better attendance than was expected, much discussion & lots of commitment to object.

On 6th August the Prison Working Group hosted an open public exhibition of ways to object in the Edgcott Village Hall: another well attended event, lots of information gathering and advice on well structured objections.

On 10th August the Prison Working Group hosted an open public exhibition of ways to object in the Steeple Claydon Village Hall: another wonderful turnout. 

Thanks to all who came along, all volunteers, Greg Smith, MP, Angela Macpherson, Bucks County Councillor and Frank Mahon, Bucks County Councillor.

Using the information sheets below, make your objections as soon as possible now to give your views the best chance of consideration at Committee -


Information sheets can be accessed below. It is important to keep your objections focused on some or all of the information provided.

In addition, Planning-specific grounds for objection are summarised in the Summary Sheets below. These are the ones made available at the drop-in sessions and will give you an overview of the grounds on which objections should be focused. 


  1. If you want to extract text only from any of the Information Sheets you can do this directly after opening the Sheet(s) that you want to use, by using copy and paste
  2. However, if you want to copy any of the images or tables in any of the Information Sheets, download and save the Sheet(s) you want to your computer
  3. You can then copy and paste from the saved Sheet into a Word document as usual

Photos Available for Use in Objections

Please feel free to use any of the photos in the Visual Impact documents below to highlight aspects of your objections. The document will need to be saved to your computer and then the images can be copied and pasted into a Word document in the usual manner. Some of the photos may be helpful in highlighting how visible the new mega prison would be from different locations and how narrow and close to the road that some of the footpaths are located.

Related Documents: Notices/1. Info sheet on Amenity Impacts.pdf, Notices/2. Info sheet on Archaeology.pdf, Notices/3. Info sheet on Biodiversity.pdf, Notices/4. Info sheet on Ecology.pdf, Notices/5. Info sheet on Economic benefits.pdf, Notices/6. Info sheet on Flood risk and drainage.pdf, Notices/7. Info sheet on Good Design.pdf, Notices/8. Info sheet on Heritage.pdf, Notices/9. Info sheet on Impact on Character and Appearance.pdf, Notices/11. Info sheet on Local Green Space.pdf, Notices/12. Info sheet on Location.pdf, Notices/13. Info Sheet on Site Selection.pdf, Notices/14. Info sheet on Sustainable Travel plus disabled.pdf, Notices/15. Info sheet on Travel and Parking.pdf, Notices/Report - Impact of noise and light on wildlife.pdf, Notices/Visual Impact Assessment.pdf, Notices/Visual Impact Lawn House.pdf, Notices/Visual Impact Footway Walking Survey Report.pdf, Notices/Grendon Hall Historic Park & Gardens.pdf, Notices/General guidance.pdf, Notices/Summary Heritage & Archaeology.pdf, Notices/Summary Impact on character of area.pdf, Notices/Summary Location.pdf, Notices/Summary Site Selection.pdf, Notices/Summary Transportation.pdf, Notices/Summary Landscape & Visual Impact.pdf, Notices/Planning balance and key headings.pdf, Notices/Proposed Plan and Aerial Indicative View.pdf, Notices/Visual impact Fiive Wells Prison.pdf, Notices/10. Info sheet on Landscape and visual impact.pdf